"Somebody said to me, ‘You’ll never be in a film as successful as Harry Potter.’
“I said ‘You’re right, but neither will anyone else.’”


narcissa malfoy was probably the most powerful occlumens in hogwarts history and nobody knew

she literally stood up to lord voldemort and lied that harry potter was dead and i don’t know about you but if i were an evil ruler i would probably want to triple-check that my nemesis was, you know, actually deceased

voldemort had actual doubts about snape

narcissa swans on by without a whisper, without a second glance


"Please, hurt me instead."

- I wanted you not to be dead! 
Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for. 





don’t trust people that dislike tyler posey

why? Tyler Posey has been nothing but immature, rude, and frankly unprofessional for years now. I get that you might like him - hey feel free. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has to like the fact…

Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills… running for our lives.

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"He’s the most polite, lovely, intelligent person in the whole cast! He’s just so humble and everyone loves him. There’s nothing anyone can say bad about Jack."
Sophie Turner